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The organ where urine is held until it leaves the body.
The joint between hand and forearm.
The loss of a fetus before term, a spontaneous abortion.
Infectious disease that gives a high temperature and whose symptoms are red spots on the skin.
A small amount of liquid.
Unpleasant sensations associated with severage from an addictive drug.
A pill, a small hard piece of medicine to be swallowed.
The uterus, the part in a woman's body where the fetus develops.
Acceptance of a plan or decision
Related to the body
To end a pregnancy voluntarily before the fetus is viable
A secondary effect felt in addition to the main function of a drug
Blood flow, haemorrhage
To stabilize
A line in the skin that forms as a person grows older
A close study, a detailed investigation of any subject
The thin, hard, flat area that covers the top end of each finger and toe.
The sides, the enclosing structure of an artery or an organ.
Medical term for excrements from the bowels.
To stop someone from doing something.
The top part of the front of the body, between neck and waist, where ribs, lungs and heart are situated.
Absence of danger.
To make an unpleasant feeling less unpleasant.
A remedy, a medical treatment.
Scientist (or student) who carries out a careful study of a given subjet.
Strong desire, often difficult to control.
Organ which separates urine from the blood
Unable to stop smoking cigarettes or taking harmful drugs.
Voluntary termination of pregnancy
Spontaneous abortion
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